The Grocery Experience of a Lifetime

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Grocery Experience of a Lifetime

In the last 50 years, Russ’s Market stores have undergone many changes, yet they continue to honor the old-fashioned grocery man, who took great pride in serving his community and customers. Today, they embrace new technologies but remain true to their roots of providing a personalized experience.

Over the past 50 years, Russ’s Market stores have changed dramatically, but one thing has remained the same: a sense of community. Today, they embrace technology and new ways to serve their community. However, the old-fashioned grocery man still lives on, and they take great pride in serving their customers and the community. They also continue to offer the same friendly service that made Russ’s name so beloved.

50th anniversary

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Russ’s Market is planning a series of events and promotions for customers. These events include customer appreciation events and prize giveaways. The festivities will run throughout the year. The Russ family started selling herrings from a pushcart in 1914. By the end of the century, the fourth generation of Russ family members would be walking into the landmark restaurant. The restaurant has been praised by numerous publications, including Bon Appetit, the New York Times, and Martha Stewart. Today, the Russ family still offers fresh, delicious food made with care and pride.

Russ Kelly recruited family members during their early years to help him grow the company. His first recruit was his brother, Richard H., who was five years older than him. Russ hired him as a salesman and a recruiter. In addition, he enlisted his brothers James W. “Jim” and Theodore E. “Ted” Kelly to work at the market. These three men all helped Russ’s Market to proliferate. By 1954, sales had topped $150,000.


After nearly 50 years of operation, Russ’s Market stores have changed a lot. Today, they embrace new technologies and new ways to serve the community. But their legacy remains the same: a neighborhood grocery store that takes pride in serving the community. The family-owned store is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The store has been part of the GROW Nebraska network since 2009.

In honor of this milestone, Russ has returned to his first store, where he started his grocery business with Clayton Burnett 50 years ago. The two men later bought Burnett’s share of B&R Stores, and the original store became Russ’s Market.

Community rewards program

The Community Rewards program at Russ’s Market enables customers to receive discounts at participating U-Stop convenience stores. In addition, shoppers who use their Community Rewards card will receive one cent off the price of every gallon of gas they purchase. Customers can register their Community Rewards cards at any Russ’s Market location or online.

The Russ’s Market community rewards program allows cardholders to donate money to local non-profit organizations. Shoppers earn points for every purchase and then convert these points into a dollar amount to donate to one of the partner organizations. Additionally, Russ’s Market will match a portion of the donation.

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