An Ultimate Convenience for disabled Travellers

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Eagle lifting machine at Britain's Airports - An Ultimate Convenience for disabled Travellers

If you’re disabled or a person with reduced mobility (PRM), travelling may cause you worry and uneasiness. How to shift from a wheelchair to an aircraft seat respectfully and comfortably is a regular question.

Fortunately, there’s the Eagle 2 Lifter, which makes the journey from wheelchair to seat a more pleasant experience for the PRM. It works by putting the customer in a comfortable sling linked to a moveable frame. It enables two airline personnel to securely transport the frame to the passenger’s seat and safely place the passenger in it.

Who create the eagle 2 lifter for disable person’s?

The eagle 2 lifter for handicapped person’s is created by the Australian company haycomp. This is very high quality of patient lifting hoists for use in caring institutions like hospitals etc.

Are Eagle 2 Lifters available at any UK airports?

Yes, the Eagle 2 lifter is available at the mentioned below United Kingdom airports.

  • Birmingham airport
  • Belfast International airport
  • Bristol airport
  • Edinburgh airport
  • Exeter airport
  • Gatwick airport
  • Heathrow airport
  • Manchester airport
  • Newcastle airport

What is the process of booking eagle 2 lifter?

Using the aforementioned contact information, each airport requests the following information:

  • Name and contact information of the traveller needing usage
  • Date of departure and flight information
  • Passenger’s height and weight approximately.
  • Whether you will be providing your own sling or not Whether you have previously used the service.

What is the process of eagle 2 lifter after booking?

The Eagle 2 is used to raise clients from wheelchairs. The staff then uses the Eagle 2 to navigate the aeroplane aisle, straddle the seat, and drop the passenger into place. It has a certified weight restriction of 200kg per person. Transferring from a wheelchair to an aeroplane seat involves four steps.

  • Sling positioning

While you are sitting in your own wheelchair, a member of the staff will provide assistance in positioning the lifting sling. In most cases, this will take place at the airport gate, or for added discretion, right inside the door of the aeroplane. If it is necessary, we will help you in bending forward so that the sling may be placed behind your back and under your buttocks. After that, two leg straps will cross under your legs and hold your knees together.

This will guarantee that you are fully supported when being hoisted and will make it easier for you to navigate the aisle of the aeroplane. Teflon has been applied to the leg straps so that they are easier to position correctly. There is also a strap for the upper body that might provide extra support. When using the lifting device, it is advised that you wear shorts or long pants to maintain your dignity and ensure your comfort.

  • Transferring an aircraft

Your wheelchair will be able to be directed beneath the lifting frame thanks to a gadget called an Eagle 2 that will be positioned inside the aeroplane entryway (blue). A specialised leg designed to provide additional stability is extended while the wheels of both your chair and the Eagle 2 are immobilised. After that, the sling is fastened to Eagle 2 in four different locations. There should be two people behind you and two people in front of you.

Adjusting the height of the front straps, which raise your legs, is possible for your convenience. You are going to be lifted by the electric motor, and your wheelchair will be taken away.

  • Aisle transport

The lifting frame has been turned through ninety degrees, and as a result, you are now facing the cockpit. After that, two members of the crew will walk the Eagle 2 gadget down the aisle of the aeroplane and to your seat. Only seats located on the right side of the aircraft aisle will be able to accommodate the gadget during the transfer.

  • Moving of the Seat

Your seat will be adjusted so that it is slightly reclined, and the armrest will be lifted. (The armrest may also be left down for the duration of the transfer in certain instances.) After that, the apparatus will straddle your seat, and the lifting frame will slowly lower you into the seat from an elevated position.

Airport car parking for disable persons:

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Here are some more important key points regarding disabled person car parking:

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  • If you have an odd specific requirements, seek guidance from internet communities. Someone else will very certainly have had similar experience and will be eager to share their knowledge and guidance.
  • If you are unable to use the payment machine, there should be an assistance button that you may push for assistance.
  • Always go with the off-site parking option, for the great and peaceful travel.
  • Call points are available near the bays for special persons.



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