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Glass is a highly fragile material and will continue to do so. Thus, the screen remains the most vulnerable part of a smartphone. It needs to be repaired most of the time. As a result, a visit to a cell phone repair store in Airdrie ,AB is a must where a lot of money is required to repair your screens. But this all can be avoided if we can use specific preventive measures and try to prevent smartphone screen breakage. Let us look at the few precautionary measures to help us prevent this loss.

How to protect a Smartphone screen and not visit a cell phone repair store In Airdrie,AB?

1. Use tempered glass as a screen protector.

A tempered glass screen protector is an excellent alternative to standard glass. Tempered glass provides an extra layer of protection that helps in a slight fall. It does not give absolute protection but helps In many cases.

A point to highlight is that there is a difference between plastic screen protectors and tempered glass screen protectors. The former only protects your smartphone from scratches, whereas a glass screen protector, in case of falls, protects the smartphone screen from damage.

2. Cell Phone Repair Center Suggest  An additional protection= Bumper case.

A bumper case provides an extra layer of protection to the smartphone. When a screen hits the ground unknowingly, it can crack, but if a smartphone is enclosed in a bumper case, the chances are extremely slim as the elevated edge of the bumper case hits the ground first, then the phone screen itself. 

Although a bumper case increases the phone’s weight, most people get used to it after a few days. But the best part is that a smartphone bumper case is available in so many shades and designs that a user never gets a monotonous feel. But while choosing a bumper case, be careful not to focus on the design element but also look at its build. Some bumper cases are very light and stylish, yet they do not provide enough protection from dropouts. Remember, as it is a bumper case, it should be slightly elevated from the screen.

3.Pop sockets also provide extra protection.

After using screen protectors and bumper cases, one feels it is more than sufficient, but we can also use pop sockets to provide extra protection. How do pop sockets or ring holders offer additional protection? They are not screen protectors but give a better grip for holding the phone. This reduces the chances of accidental falls and slips; thus, a visit to a cell phone repair center reduces automatically.

4.Use car phone holders.

Driving and using a smartphone is a big no-no. But recently, our dependency on smartphones has increased so much that apps like Google Maps used for navigation need consultation while driving. In such scenarios, one can install a car phone holder. All one needs is to attach it to somewhere you can easily access in the vehicle and place the smartphone inside it. With that, one can use the phone without breaking the screen or having any accidents.

Above mentioned add-ons can protect you from breaking your smartphone screens. But it does not provide a 100 percent guarantee. So, if your smartphone screen gets broken, it is best to visit a cell phone repair store in Airdrie,AB, like The mobile market. They provide excellent services at minimal costs.

Following are some FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section below for more information and guidance related to the topic.

Q: Is it true that screen covers impair touch sensitivity?

Some screen protectors may interfere with or impair your screen’s sensitivity. This varies depending on the protection, although it is more typical with thicker plastics. As a result, it may seem that the phone is not recognizing your input.

Q: What exactly is Ghost touch?

Ghost touches are among the most irritating touch flaws on Android. Essentially, the screen reacts to touches that you are not making. It responds to input that does not exist.

Q:Does a screen protector make the screen smoother?

It improves usability since your fingertips slide more easily across these screen protectors. They keep fingerprints and oil smudges at bay.

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