Tips to crack the defence exams at first attempt

Henry James

In India, youngsters are making up their minds to appear for the defence exams to fulfill their desire to serve the nation. Therefore, the commission conducting the exam is receiving numerous application forms from the defence aspirants to appear for the defence exams. Which is eventually making an impact on the toughness of the exams to select the brilliant candidates. Naturally, this has originated a myth that a newbie can’t crack the exams. Well, this article will help you bust the myth by guiding you to the proper way to crack the exams. Please avoid preparing for these exams with the help of random material and things. Making yourself organized to focus your energy on the preparation is mandatory. Note that even your success in the defence exams depends on the perfection and accuracy of the strategy you have prepared to hit the target.

Let us tell to you that you can appear for NDA, CDS, or AFCAT exam to accomplish your dream to serve your motherland. Please check all the information such as eligibility, tiers, syllabus, proper procedure of the exams, etc. before starting your preparations. If you are interested in cracking the CDS exam then enhance your preparations with the help of the finest institution that provides CDS coaching.

Here, we have mentioned some mandatory tips and tools that you must keep in your mind while preparing for the defence exams.


Stay on the right path

Well, having the right information will make you walk on the right path. Many aspirants often don’t consider collecting the right information as a mandatory task and then feel lost in the middle of their journey. To avoid this, check all the information relevant to the exam you have decided to crack. Make sure the information is updated and correct and only then start your preparations for the exams. Therefore, surf the official website of the commission conducting the exam to know the basic requirements of the defence exams.


Analyze the syllabus and previous year’s question papers

Before starting your preparations, remember to download the official and updated syllabus from the official website of the commission. Then start to analyze the syllabus. This will help you know exactly what books you have to read to cover the syllabus. Also, besides the syllabus, download the previous year’s question papers to analyze the actual questions asked in the exam. Naturally, this will help you know what material you need to focus more while studying the books.


Study the official study sources

The previously mentioned points will definitely help you give a limit to your study sources. Moreover, make sure the study material that you have chosen to study concepts of the syllabus is official and acknowledged by the successful candidates and experts. Moreover, surf the internet to get the links to download the official study sources for free. You can’t expect to meet the cut-off score if you are not reading the right study sources. Keep the above-mentioned points in your mind while purchasing and collecting the study material.


Time management

Do you know managing your time during the exam is mandatory? Well, the reason behind this obligation is that you have to mark the answers quickly and correctly to get your name shortlisted for the next tier. This can only be done if you have practiced mock tests regularly for three months. Otherwise, you can never hit the target of the cut-off score. Also, appear for the exam with a perfect strategy in your mind. Decide a certain time limit to solve every question in every section of the exam. Only after preparing an effective strategy, you can appear for the exam.


Read a prominent newspaper

So tell us which newspaper you are reading to enhance your knowledge of the general awareness section of the exam. Well, if you are reading any random newspaper then accept that you are doing a blunder. You have to read a prominent newspaper wisely. Moreover, spare some time to get more tips on increasing your knowledge of the general awareness section of the defence exams. Note that you have to put grueling efforts into enhancing your knowledge of the general awareness section of the exam because this will help you touch the cut-off score.
If you are planning to crack the AFCAT exam then seek help from the best institution that offers AFCAT coaching for better preparations.



Some basic qualities such as discipline, decision-making ability, problem-solving ability, communication skills, etc. can help you sail through the tough phase of cracking the defence exams. Therefore, while paying attention to collecting knowledge, make efforts to enhance your basic qualities to meet the requirements of the commission.

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