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Cell phones and other tech devices have become an inevitable part of our daily routine. The Tech industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. From taking pictures and capturing videos, communicating with our loved ones, the internet and social media suffering, and setting alarms on cell phones have made our life easy. A person could not imagine a life without a cell phone and other tech gadgets in the 21st century.

Though much development has been made in the cell phone manufacturing industry, at the end of the day, it is still a machine that needs maintenance and repair. Many problems like broken screens, charging port problems, water damage, battery issues, cell phone hanging, and its users can face many others. We need a professional cell phone repair store in Carlisle, Cumbria, to repair these problems. The cell phone is a complex device requiring a professional with proper skills, experience, and warranty.

Common issues at cell phone repair store in Carlisle Cumbria

Cell phone screen breakage

The most common problem faced by cell phone users is screen breakage. It mostly happens because of an accidental fall, pressure caused by sitting on the phone while in the back pocket or keeping the metal keys and cell phone in the same pocket. A broken screen will interrupt your daily activity, or you may end up damaging your fingertips.

Also, It is hard to read and write on a broken screen. Replacing or repairing the screen will be a much more feasible option than changing the phone. For repairs, you should look for a cell phone repair center with excellent skills, reliability, and professionalism. Cumbria Tech Repair can be an option as skill is paramount for selecting a cell phone repair center.   

Charging port problems

After screen breakage, charging problems come second. If your cell phone is either charging slowly or not charging at all, then there is a possibility that the charging port might not be working well. Small metal connectors in the USB port connect to the charging cable for charging the cell phone. If the cell phone is not charging well, it might be due to a faulty connection between metal connectors and the charging cable.

It can be due to different reasons like dust blocking the connection, corrosion blocking the way, or hardware damage. You can fix this problem yourself at home by using a needle and a cotton bud to clean the charging port. But it is better to consult a professional electronics repair in Carlisle Cumbria because you can damage the other parts of your cell phone and create another issue. It will cause you more loss of time and money. 

Water damage

Spilling water, tea, or other liquid causes damage that a local cell phone repair center can not repair. It would be best if you look for a professional cell phone repair center that can repair your cell phone in minimum time with great expertise. You should select a store that will replace the damaged parts of your cell phone with high-quality spare parts. A cell phone repair store in Carlisle Cumbria can be an option. To avoid water damage:

  • Turn off the cell phone immediately after removing it from the liquid, and disunite all the cell phone components like battery, sim card, and sd-card.
  • Remove all the liquid with a soft cloth.
  • Consult a professional. 


Problems with cell phones are common nowadays. There are many cell phone repair stores in town, but the right choice for repairing is important. You should select a trustworthy and reliable repair center that reduces your trouble instead of worsening.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take for water damage to affect a phone?

Sometimes your phone might stop working immediately after damage. However, most of the time, the moisture seeps through the system no matter how intact it is. As the moisture reaches the internal sensitive parts, it can cause sudden switching off of the phone, poor charging, or dysfunction of the camera. 

Should you charge your phone if it has water damage?

It is better not to put your phone on charge when you are sure it underwent some water damage. The area where it is charged and the device itself should be completely dry to avoid any electric shock. You should touch the device, charging port, or charger with wet hands. Try to avoid inserting anything in the charging port. 

How do you know if your LCD is damaged?

A damaged screen looks like a line, a dot of discoloration, or a patch of multicolored dots. A single site may be involved, or the damage may progress to nearby areas. Therefore, you should consult a cell phone repair store in Carlisle, Cumbria. 


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