Reviews: Can Website Be Trusted?

Way Networking Reviews is one of the best affiliate marketing websites collaborating with popular influencers on Instagram and Facebook. As per its official page, the website provides flexibility and substantial payments to influencers.

This affiliate marketing firm is situated in Amsterdam and it is working with many verified and non-verified social media users. However, this organization never opened up about its tactics and how they are empowering influencers.

Following various concerns about this platform, we decided to compile all of the reviews linked to it, so keep reading to learn about people’s reviews!

What does has to offer? Reviews

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They are helping many influencers to become successful for which they are offering the following:

Quick Payment upon request:

You won’t have to wait long after requesting a withdrawal because their fast payout mechanism allows you to receive your funds immediately.

Allowing affiliation without limits:

Survey j welcomes unlimited affiliates to join their team and they allow anyone who fits perfectly but there is no place for the cheaters as per their policies.

A support system that is legit:

In case of any query, their support system is active for all 7 days and 24 hours because they don’t want to keep their affiliates waiting. The company wants to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

Cash Prizes:

The company claims that they are offering the biggest rewards as compared to any other earning platform, you can earn money by completing surveys.

Providing a safe platform:

If you are worried that you can trust them with your information or not so the answer is yes, you can because they are using HTTPS technology which encrypts all the information.

How to earn money from

You cannot only earn money from this website by completing surveys because they are offering other programs too which are discussed below:

  1. By dollar drop, this website is allowing its users to get giveaways after every hour and for this, you have to stay active there with your dashboard open, you can be on the list of 5 lucky people who are going to get 100 dollars.
  2. You can also earn money by testing applications but you have to download the app they would ask you to test.
  3. After signing up, you will be given a link to invite others and get paid upon their joining.
  4. You can also make videos in order to promote their website and you will get paid for this, according to their policies.
  5. Last but not least, doing surveys will help you make a handsome amount. You’ll be redirected, and you’ll have to complete the survey without cheating.

These are some of the programs this website is offering right now and people are benefiting from them and generating extra income.

What are some strictly prohibited things on

The company strictly prohibits fake traffic so they are expecting authenticity from their users and if anyone will get caught doing any kind of cheating and violating the rules, their account will instantly be deleted. Here are some things you shouldn’t be doing according to the survey j:

  •         Don’t use any third party or external source for getting fake clicks.
  •         Do not create fake accounts in order to get more clicks on your referral link.
  •         Do not use a VPN for finishing your tasks.
  •         Creating fraudulent statistics by using bots is also not allowed.
  •         Do not send fake social submissions again and again.

Should you trust Surveyj or is it a Scam?

We have heard people bashing this website so we decided to gather every detail about this platform and found mixed reviews based on the experiences of the people with this website.

Some individuals think that working with this company is a waste of time because their payments were late or some even didn’t get paid while some people are verifying that this website is trustworthy since they had a positive experience with it.

Now it is up to you to decide whether you are interested in trying your luck with this platform or not. We are sharing some positive and negative reviews based on people’s experiences which will help you in making your decision easier! Positive Reviews:

  •         Some users confirmed that they are getting paid for their work on time and suggested working with them.
  •         Many users are sharing their great experiences with this website and recommending it to earn money.
  •         As per the reviews Reddit, this is a legit and totally safe and secure platform to make money and you can trust their policies.
  •         Someone commented that he even got his first-ever payment from this company which is really great.
  •         According to a peoples’ Reviews, this platform helped a lot of people during the dark times of Covid 19 and they are happy and satisfied with their policies. Negative Reviews:

  •         People are claiming that they did everything that needs to be done in order to get paid and still they haven’t got a single penny, according to the reviews Reddit.
  •         Some people are claiming that it is a scam and many people are also agreed with this statement, however, we cannot say that officially as we have heard positive responses too.
  •         People waited from weeks to months to get paid but still, they didn’t and obviously they are saying that survey j is a scam.


Everyone wants to make extra money by doing part-time jobs or tasks but in this world of scams and misleading information, sometimes we are unable to take the right decision and get scammed.

So, in this blog, we’ve attempted to assist you by presenting all of the required information about the Reviews, which will undoubtedly aid you in making better decisions before beginning to use it.

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