Plastic Free Water is Safe and Healthy

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Plastic Free Water

People use plastic water bottles and they have vandalized the environment. Plastic has always been a preference for people because of its cheap rates and availability. Plastic water bottles can easily be obtained in any region of the world as long it isn’t inhabited. Although it is always better to realize your mistakes and correct them instead of staying steadfast in them. But before we move on to the ways by which we can minimize our use of plastic and drink plastic free water, let’s have a look at the disadvantages of plastic.  


Plastic cannot be recycled over and over again as it takes approximately 500 years for plastic to dispose of properly. In the meantime, the air pollution, water pollution, and even land pollution that is caused by plastic are unimaginable. Even marine life has been a victim of the pollution caused by plastic. 

According to research by Drip Fina, it says that about 100 million marine animals are affected by plastic each year and sadly if we don’t stop producing plastics by 2050 the weight of plastic debris will overweigh the total marine animals that exist. In simple words, if the production of plastic isn’t stopped marine life might be extinct in the future. 

Climate Change 

Plastic is also playing a huge role in climate change. Around 10% of the global fuel supply is linked with plastic. This means plastic releases a large number of greenhouse gases and the more greenhouse gases the greater effect will be on climate change. 

But there are certain ways to stop this and one of the most important steps to stop this disaster is by drinking plastic-free water. 


We can start by replacing plastic bottles with aluminum cans. Aluminum can be recycled infinite times. 

It is also corrosion resistant and can be used for a very long time. Aluminum has additional layers that protect aluminum from oxidation thus it can be used for a long time. 

Also, aluminum is very lightweight so it is more comfortable and easier to carry for people who are often involved in different sports activities which makes aluminum a better replacement for plastic. 

It is also very sustainable as it can be recycled infinite times without losing its properties. It is a great reflector of light and can repel heat. Water in an aluminum bottle can stay cooler for a very long time. 


Plastic might have looked like a great invention at the start but the disadvantages and threats posed by plastic products are visible enough to boycott them. If not so then the upcoming future generations might not be able to experience the same beautiful and peaceful world that we have experienced. 

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