How To Do Marriage Certification Attestation For Uae?

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Every year hundreds of people flew to foreign countries either for work or study. UAE or the United States of Arabia is one such popular destination. Now many of them are often stuck with doubt that how to apply for a visa, and how to sort out the financial work and police clearances but the most complicated question that they encounter is how to get their marriage certificate attestation for UAE done.

What is Marriage Certificate Attestation?

A marriage certificate is a legal record issued by the government for the couple who have tied the knot. This document certifies that the couple’s marriage is rightful and recognized by the state. The time of the marriage, the couple’s name, place of the ceremony and other important details are mentioned in the certificate. But the attestation of this legal document is necessary to make it legally acceptable in UAE.

Different Pursposes for marriage certification for UAE

Now, every applicant’s purpose for acquiring a marriage certificate is different. Here is a list of purposes one might have for their marriage certificate attestation for UAE 

  • An applicant might apply for the marriage certificate attestation to get his wife a residence visa in UAE.
  • One also requires this type of attestation for making an addition of his spouse’s name in the passport.
  • The third reason can be to admit your spouse to a hospital for delivery.
  • It can be required for getting your child’s passport.
  • If you want to buy a property in UAE and take your wife as a share holder, this marriage certificate is needed.
  • Lastly, if you are going to file a divorce, you need such attestation.

What is the process to get your marriage certificate attested for UAE?

To complete the whole process, one must follow these four steps-

  • First, the applicant must get your marriage certificate attested from the home ministry of the country issuing the certificate. The country is preferably the home country of the applicant.
  • Next, he must get the certificate attested from the Ministry of External or Foreign Affairs in the same country.
  • Then the Embassy of UAE will verify the document and legalize it in the home country.
  • The last step is to get the attestation from the UAE Foreign Ministry.

After that, the UAE Embassy takes around 30 days to issue the marriage certificate attestation. However, before applying one must ensure that he has all these documents in place- the original marriage certificate, passport, and two photographs. Apart from these, there is an application fee you need to pay.Though you need to pay a minimal amount of money, UAE Embassy attestation fees range from 3,000 to 4,000.

For most of the process of marriage certifiacte attestation for UAE, one must get it done form the ministries its home country. Nowadays these services are also avilable online. So to save time and energy, one can avail these facilities offered by the government. But first, one should acquire all the details regarding attestation fees, documents required before applying.

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