Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Outdoor Curtain Fabrics

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You need to pay close attention to the fabric while choosing the perfect outdoor curtains. Many people make mistakes and end up choosing irrelevant fabrics for their outdoor curtains. This is why their investment goes in vain and they fail to use the patio curtains effectively. Hence, you need to ensure that you’re not making the common mistakes while choosing the best fabric for your outdoor curtains. 

If you want the fabrics to prove effective as per your needs, you need to ensure that the fabrics are fulfilling some essential requirements. Remember that the fabrics are not the same and different fabrics provide different features. You need to consider your requirements as well as your choice while choosing the most effective fabric for your outdoor curtains. 

Apart from withstanding the UV rays and sunlight, the fabric you choose for your outdoor curtains also needs to withstand the moderate weather conditions and harshness of the different outdoor materials. Even if you clean the curtains, the fabric should dry quickly to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Here are some essential factors you should consider while choosing the fabrics for your outdoor curtains. 


This is an essential thing you need to take into consideration while choosing fabric for your outdoor curtains. As the curtains will be exposed to the harshness of the weather conditions as well as the outdoor elements, the fabric you choose should be capable of protecting you from water. This is why many people choose outdoor vinyl curtains as they are extremely waterproof. 

Even if the fabric is wet, it should dry quickly. This is because the wet fabric will become heavy and might damage the rods of the outdoor curtains. As the weight will be increased, you will face problems moving the curtains from one place to another. You can also synthetic materials that feature water-resistant properties if you don’t know which fabric will help you with the waterproofing feature. When you choose vinyl patio curtains, they will protect you from rain and splash. 

UV Protection 

It doesn’t matter which fabric you choose for your outdoor curtains, you need to make sure the fabric is effective at blocking the sunlight and the UV rays. This is probably the most crucial thing you need to consider, especially if you live in a hot climate condition.

As the fabrics are UV-resistant, they will help you maintain the color as well as the design of the curtains. Not to mention, you will be protected from the UVA and UVB rays. As per NCBI, UV rays can cause skin cancer.

The outdoor curtains will also reduce the glare and heat from the sun. As a result, you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself properly. 

Ease of Care 

You also need to consider the care and maintenance processes of the fabric you choose. Some fabrics are durable and effective, but they also accumulate dirt and debris easily, especially if your neighborhood has many trees. Hence, make sure you clean your outdoor curtains once in a while to maintain their longevity, features, and appearance. 


These are the factors you should consider while choosing fabrics for your outdoor curtains. What are your thoughts? Make sure you comment below to let us know. 

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